Mosaic of Love is a playful, wise and poignant book of poems about love and the mystery of life. With a unique perspective and distinct voice, Laura Thompson explores the meaning of love beginning with family, progressing to the garden of flowering lovers and culminating on the mystical note of universal love. Be a traveler on this pilgrimage of poems and seek for yourself the way of love.



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Laughter in the Canyon is the story of two lovers, living across many different lifetimes, both unaware that they have been soulmates since the dawn of history. Over and over, fate brings them together only to tear them apart. It is a journey across time, three continents, many countries, cultures, and religions. Will this story of eternal love ever be fulfilled?

December 2007 — 160pp —

Cased £14.99 UK — $29.95 USA

ISBN 978-1-85964-193-4



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5 StarsFASCINATING JOURNEY, June 19, 2008

By Jimmy C. Barden, Journalist and Playwright


When "Laughter in the Canyon" seems at a dead end early on, the author is just getting started with her tale of love over the ages. This is a terrific story not only for those who believe in reincarnation, but for those who doubt it or are ambivalent about it. As a bonus, the book is a great culinary guide to some of the exotic spots of the world.


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5 StarsA Must Buy Story of Love, Destiny and What It All Means....

Tracy, A reviewer, 02/11/2008


This quick read is a must buy! You are taken in right from the beginning and find yourself living not only the character's 'many' lives but also thinking about your own destiny. You can enjoy it as just a great love story, or you can use it to catapolt yourself into reflecting on a deeper meaning of life. There is something for everyone. P.S. The ending may surprise you. Enjoy!


5 StarsLove and Destiny

Mary Ann, A reviewer, 05/03/2008


Beautiful and intelligent descriptive passages. The heroine was believable and her personality aptly described on the emotional, spiritual and intellectual levels. A touching love story that tugs on the heartstrings and transcends our earthly existence.


5 Starsreview of Laughter in the canyon

Bruno, A reviewer, 04/29/2008


I enjoyed reading this book and was transported to many places where I lived and knew. A love story across many continents. And if you are the spiritual type, this book is a must read.


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The Book Depository has free shipping to North America as well as most of Western Europe, including the United Kingdom.


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